Chef Marco Bertini Interviewed Twice on Net.News

Chef Marco Bertini had the pleasure of having Fransiska Wuri on board to showcase the offerings of MadeInItaly The boat. We do apologize for our English speaking guests this video was done for the Indonesian News. Also some details have changed since the airing of this interview.


“Sensasi  Bersantap  Italia  di  Atas  Laut  Labuan Bajo”

Marco Bertini, seorang koki profesional asal Negeri Pizza. Restorannya Made in Italy, termasuk satu yang meramaikan nuansa Italia di jalan itu. Selain itu, Marco juga mempunyai kapal bintang lima…  Read More

“Marco dan Labuan Bajo”

Marco Bertini, warganegara Italia yang jatuh cinta dengan Indonesia, khususnya Labuan Bajo. Selain restoran, Marco juga punya restoran terapung, sebuah kapal yang diubah menjadi restoran...  Read More

“Marco, il ristoratore che ha conquistato gli indonesiani col tiramisu”

La storia del giovane imprenditore pratese che nel 2007 rispose a un annuncio di lavoro del Tirreno e si trasferì a Bali. Poi ha aperto due locali sull’isola di Flores: uno a terra e uno su una barca...  Read More

“West Flores: So much more than Komodo dragons”

Bertini is one of the boat tour operators, a fine-dining cruise that can seat 10. It features a seven-course menu matched with cocktails and wines, includes stops at Kanawa and Angel white beaches…  Read More


Some words from our guests directly from TripAdvisor on their experience.

      WOW - what an amazing experience! Hosted by renouned extraordinary Chef Marco Bertini and a amazing local staff. Not only was the food outstanding as can be seen by the pics but the cocktails were also first class. Best Mohito I have ever had!!! Great...More

    thumb TheWineMan007

      Me and my friends had a fabulous day during culinary trip, chef Marco cooked delicious food start from appetizer to dessert. His cocktails are unbelievable amazing, make us ordered more and more, we relly love and enjoy it during the sail. Thumbs up for chef...More

    thumb DrewPath

      Thank you to make our trip in Komodo unforgettable! They have a nice boat, served delicious italian pasta for lunch, the staff well take care of us especially dita. She goes snorkeling with us and brought a marker bouy to make sure we are safe...More

    thumb Ulhans

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